Steak And Cheese Make The Perfect Healthy Snack

From the many culinary inventions that have delighted America, the steak and cheese sandwiches specific to the Philadelphia region are definitely worth trying; these make the perfect healthy snack without the bad name associated with fast foods. As the name speaks for itself, the steak and cheese sandwich consists of thin slices of fried or grilled meat and melted cheese, seasoned with spices and served in a long roll. Also known as cheesesteak, this local dish is tributary to two Philadelphians who started selling their invention in the 1930s at their hot dog stand. The business got to work so well due to this sandwich that they even created the cheesesteak restaurant that is still functioning today.

There is a special way of cooking the meat for the steak and cheese sandwiches; the slices of meat are so thin sometimes that they almost become translucent, after cutting they are placed on a hot griddle directly or placed on top of slightly fried onions to prevent over-cooking. When they get a brown color the slices of meat are cut and added to the sandwich. For the steak and cheese sandwich to be complete, you need to add the cheese while still grilling so that it gets enough time to melt. The process doesn’t take more than a minute, and during this period of time the meat gets almost entirely covered in cheese.

We could also mention other ways of preparing the steak and cheese sandwiches without cheese grilling. Thus you can simply add thin slices of cheese inside the roll, and put the hot meat inside. Add spices and hold tight together for a few minutes so that the cheese melts away. Only afterwards should you add some sauce, mustard or mayonnaise to the composition, otherwise, you force the meat to cool rapidly and the cheese remains unchanged. In some diners, the cheese in the sandwich is melted with the help of a special heater, so that the preparation is a lot faster.

Taste variations of the steak and cheese sandwiches come from the use of different types of cheese: the top favorite ones include American cheese, Provolone and Cheez Whiz. Cheddar, mozzarella and Swiss are also used but not on such a common basis as the former three. The easiest to make type of steak and cheese sandwiches are those prepared with American cheese; some people even consider them to be the tastiest and the original traditional ones. The preparation modes vary from one place to another, depending on individual choices, thus even fried onions or special mushroom dressings are used to topple the steak and cheese sandwiches.

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