Salads – A Complete Meal And Health Food

Salads to me have been one that is purely restricted to being a dietician’s best friend. Earlier I used to think that these are meant to be only on the menus of those on a health spree. However, whether the salads have undergone a complete makeover or I have had a rethink “it” all made a great difference. On closer introspection and trying to understand the making and importance of salads has made me look at this beautiful and delicious dish from a totally new perspective. Salads have now come to assume centre stage in my menu whether it is a daily menu or one for a gathering.

Salads for me today is one that propagates healthy eating on one hand, and on the other it offers a lot of scope for creativity and innovation. It is the best way to bring in the greens, fresh fruits and vegetables straight from the garden to my table. With a simple and tasty dressing I have a complete meal that is ready in minutes.

What I personally like about salads is that there are some basic principles for combining a salad and the rest is all yours to decide. I am my own boss and am not tied down to using anything in particular. I add apples if I like or else just have to keep the overall taste and blend of ingredients in mind and choose another ingredient.

A large lettuce leaf that forms a perfect base and an assortment of vegetables from potatoes to beet or maybe beans, that’s the way for me. If fresh fruit is the choice then apples, oranges – the choice is truly unlimited -just have to keep my palate in mind. For hard core non-vegetarians like me too there is a treasure house waiting to be explored. From the traditional never fail chicken salad to a slightly more innovative version of including shrimps, sausages or any other meat of my choice. I truly believe that the world of salads is an empty canvas waiting to be painted with the colors of your choice.

All this without compromising on the nutritional aspect is what makes me go crazy about salads. With a high nutritional value it is a great choice whether for kids or for adults.

Salads are not only a wonderful treat to the tastebuds but also are a visual treat. The colorful combination of varied ingredients makes in absolutely irresistible to dig in and scoop out a whole spoonful. The goodness of greens, fresh fruits and vegetables is what makes the salad so special. With a beautiful and creative presentation, your salad can form a beautiful centerpiece at your next party. Compliments galore – that’s how the surprise for the evening is going to unfold for you.

A few tips that would go a long way in putting together a delicious salad:
-Choose ripe and fresh vegetables it will make a great difference both to the taste and appearance of your dish.
-It would be best to go in for local produce or fruits and vegetables that are in season.
-Harmony in taste is one that you need to keep in mind. However, this doesn’t limit your scope of experimenting. A good blend of ingredients would only add to the taste of your dish.
-Make it colorful and interesting -one that appeals to your taste.

As I mentioned earlier, and you are all set on the road that is best experienced through your own discoveries.

With TV dinners getting popular by the day, a great tasting salad that combines the goodness of a variety of ingredients like tomatoes, broccolis and chicken or shrimp for the non-vegetarians. Enjoy the match of your favorite football team with a bowl of freshly made salad. Make a healthy beginning with a great tasting salad.

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