Traditional Mexican Food for a Formal Dinner

Traditional Mexican food has always been associated with comfort food; recipes of it proliferate in the Internet. But you can create a twist on this and host a formal dinner using traditional Mexican country recipes.

First and foremost, you have to choose an appetizer for the first part of the formal dinner. A southern food recipe that is distinctly Mexican is the Avocado soup. This Avocado recipe is a good way to start off any formal dinner, and for more of these Avocado recipes, simply log on to the Internet.

Then you will need to pick a food entrée. For your formal dinner, you could either pick a chicken recipe or a beef recipe. If you opt for chicken meals, baked chicken is still the best option. But if you want to go for ground beef recipes, then you can always choose between beef Enchiladas and beef Burritos. However, you do need to be creative in the preparation of these Mexican foods recipes. Otherwise you might end up with a casual party instead of the formal dinner that you have originally envisioned, or your guests may stop eating altogether for fear of spilling something on their expensive formal wear.

Another course that you can offer you guests is Tortillas. Mexican Tortillas with a variety of dips will always be a hit in any Mexican-themed party, be it formal or otherwise. For your enchilada sauce, try various combinations of ingredients. This way, you can offer your guests several kinds of dips.

Lastly, you have to choose your Mexican desserts. There are a lot of lavish Mexican desserts recipes in the Internet that you can use for your formal dinner. You can follow Mexican chocolate cake recipes for a sumptuous dessert. You can also serve Mexican sherbets or the Mexican version of the American hot-fudge sundae. You can also choose to serve dried Mexican fruits if you prefer.

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